vendredi, septembre 16, 2016

Coming Back to Life..

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Four weeks after my emergency knee surgery, i'm feeling better.

I'm still semi mobile. Still not driving. But i'm walking. At a very slow pace. Still, it feels way better than going around in a wheel chair!

Even if it still hurts a lot and get inflamed very easily, i felt good enough to go on a little adventure at the #BaieBeauport last saturday. I needed some roadtrip to treat my cabin fever...

For a few months now i've been conscious of how chronic neuropathic pain doesn't stop me from living anymore. I'm just learning different ways to exist with it. It's difficult to learn but it is a process in motion.

Transforming my life around it. Adapting my days around it. Transforming myself for the better and not the worst. That is all that matters. Getting better. Feeling better. Living better. Even with physical pains...

Working hard at learning how to live with the invisible disability that is facial neuropathic chronic pain. A bitter results of Bell's Palsy complications.

In that mutation of myself, i get stronger and wiser. I grow. I work on myself. I'm a work in progress. I can meditate for hours when i decide to.

I'm learning a little more of #painmanagement everyday. I'm learning how to cope with this constant facial pain that killed my old self. I'm now adjusting my true self to that strange reality of permanent pain.

Everytime my brain tries to tell me that i can't do something. I answer back "Then i will!" and that that's how my life flows. Outside of the box and out of #confortzones

I have to confess however that i have an advantage in that field as i'm never confortable anymore. Thanks to chronic pain!

The constant neuropathic symptoms that devour half of my face make me inconfortable all the time. So i have absolutely no more fear of roaming out of my confort zones. I even kind of crave the magic of it...

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