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Interlude Nature: Quizz escape...

Voilà longtemps que je ne m'étais égarée dans ces eaux-là...

* Which of natures amazing entities are you?*


You are - Water fall. magical and hypnotic. You seem to gush peace and good feeling to all who find you - as you like to be hidden, often surrounding yourself in nature. Life is your gift and you have a humble way of spreading it..... You are a natures heart (ever beating).

What Part of Nature Are You?


You're a Sunset! You're very deep and artistic and you like looking at life from unique angles. You don't like being around people too much, which is okay but it doesn't hurt to be social every now and then.

What Force of Nature Are You?


Nature's own fireworks. Northern lights originate from our sun. During large explosions and flares, huge quantities of solar particles are thrown out of the sun and into deep space. These plasma clouds travel through space with speeds varying from 300 to 1000 kilometers per second.

But even with such speeds (over a million kilometer per hour), it takes these plasma clouds two to three days to reach our planet.

When they are closing in on Earth, they are captured by Earth's magnetic field (the magnetosphere) and guided towards Earth's two magnetic poles; the geomagnetic south pole and the geomagnetic north pole.

Northern lights occur as a result of solar particles colliding with the gases in earth's atmosphere. On their way down towards the geomagnetic poles, the solar particles are stopped by Earth's atmosphere, which acts as an effective shield against these deadly particles.

When the solar particles are stopped by the atmosphere, they collide with the atmospheric gases present, and the collision energy between the solar particle and the gas molecule is emitted as a photon - a light particle. And when you have many such collisions, you have an aurora - lights that may seem to move across the sky.

In order for an observer to actually see the aurora
with the naked eye, about a 100 million photons
are required.

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