samedi, mai 03, 2003

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Ahhh! Quizilla is a drug! Watch out innocent soul, you could catch a terrible addiction...
Like my poor nocturnal soul...

What Fairytale Do You Belong In?
brought to you by Quizilla
You Should Star In Cinderella!
Georgeous but sadly locked from the world.. but dont worry, your time is sure to come!

Life can be so ironic in the wee hours of the night... Well ok, it can happens too in the middle of the day!
So i choose to lose myself in Utopia land...
Via les errances de Michel St-Denis, un superbe site où l'utopie est reine...

Utopie n. f.
Définition : Aspirations idéales qui ne tiennent pas compte de la réalité. (GDT)

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