mercredi, juin 13, 2018

What is love?

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I love to inspire the strengh of youth in order to nourrish my innerstrengh. As i grow old...

As i fight, everyday, the hardships of having serious health issues, i inspire love.
As i decided to transform the weakness of my body in mental strengh. That hard process is one of patience and perseverance. Transforming pains into human growth.

As a mother, i just can't quit life. Even when life quits me! So i fight to stay alive. My body is weak, my soul is strong.

I am proud to still be a mother even in sickness. Motherhood is a bit like marriage. For better and for worse, in sickness and in health. I am a mother in sickness as in health. Always trying to be my best. Even when at my worst physical state, i aspire to be the better version of me.

I am a cool mother in health. I am a strong mother in sickness. Showing her that quitting is not an answer and persevering is always possible. When life gets shitty, you don't go down, you push through.

I fight like a warrior to reconstruct that missing life. I miss my life so much. I miss working, travelling, living.

At the core of my will is true love. The love i feel in my heart. The love i feel from those who love me. Love is my answer to painful days.

If i learned anything, from the all the struggles of life and its bodypains i had to endure, is that love is life.

As i stayed alive against certain odds, love is at the core. Love keeps me alive. Without love i wouldn't be able to go on.

That is why true/healthy love is a priority in life. Maybe that is why love is so important to mankind.

Just because sometimes, during hard times, it is the only thing that can keep you alive. The only human emotion that can gives you strengh and meaning...  

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