vendredi, juin 15, 2018

I don't look sick!

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But you don't look sick! Nope, if i push through, for awhile, i don't look sick. I suffer in silence and can even share a smile.

For awhile. I push through the pains and discomforts of my body and i look like everybody else on the street. Then, i pay the price of pushing through in silence and solitude. Then i look as sick as i feel.

Pain is invisible to the novice eye. Only those who have suffered greatly can perceive it. All of my life i chose growth over despair. Even if despair lingers as i watch life passing me by.

So i push through the hardships of my days. Like a warrior on a holy path. Hoping that one day, i'll see a door. And behind that door, i'll find bits and pieces of freedom to enjoy. Working. Travelling. Being.

In the meanwhile, i work so hard in order to transform pains into strenghs. Not letting the pain take control of my soul. Forcing my spirit to regain control of my thoughts. To keep on going.

Everyday i choose to manage pains and aches without complaining. I go through all the reeducation i can achieve. I cry a bit and keep on. Working hard at getting better. Month after month...

And sometimes, on my way to the pool, my hubby makes me smile and i feel hope in my heart...

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